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Just moments before the end of hostilities, a foolhardy order ricochets through the front- line trench. Sergeant Archie Jones and his pals find themselves going over the top one last time. All they had to do was wait just one more hour. As eleven o'clock approaches Archie, badly wounded, slips between two worlds. One filled with the familiar sounds and smells of death, the other of warm sunshine, a soft embrace and the innocent smile of a child. When all seems lost help is offered from an unexpected hand. 

Cast includes Richard Dee-Roberts, Sean Cronin, Jo Stone-Fewings, Joe Bryant, Julian Gamm and Sarina Taylor.


Eleven was directed by Rock Salt and Sean Cronin, produced by Roy Rivett with cinematography by Sean Cronin and Coz Pagoni. The music was composed by Guy Dagul, Saara Lindahl and Nicolette Street.


Eleven was distributed by Evolutionary Films.

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