Sean Cronin was born in West London to an English mother and an Irish/Welsh father but has both Spanish and Sicilian in his bloodline. Destiny struck in the early nineties and Sean was badly bitten by the film bug. Due to his intense and menacing presence Sean was asked to play supporting roles in films like THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH, THE MUMMY and HARRY POTTER to name but a few. In 2015 he played opposite Tom Cruise in MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE - ROGUE NATION!


Alongside his acting Sean is also a cinematographer and director in his own right, learning his skills on set from the best. He has shot dozens of high end music videos, short films, commercials and several features including THROW OF A DICE and the award winning AN UNFORTUNATE WOMAN. He is set to direct the period drama, IRONGATE and the heart rending life story of disabled Paul Hodgson in GIVE THEM WINGS. He recently obtained the rights to shoot the life story of London boxer, Michael Watson.


Sean is an astute and consummate businessman and artist, his attention to detail to everything cinema from inception, development and pre- production to the moment the film hits the cinema screen has earned him a reputation and respect across two continents and he is fast becoming one of the most sought after filmmakers in modern cinema.


Sean lives in London where he brings up his two young daughters single handedly.




Simon’s earliest experiences of cinema were with such films as 2001 - A SPACE ODYSSEY and WATERLOO. By the age of ten he had owned a plethora of cameras of different film formats as well as showing movies in his local ABC cinema! Keeping an interest in photography and cinematography he chose to become an actor and began his professional career in 1984 playing a vampire in the cult Tobe Hooper movie, LIFEFORCE.


His career moved rapidly along in a diverse direction within the industry gaining a wide knowledge technically both in theatre and film working as a Stage Manager and Lighting Technician in the London’s West End and Fringe.  Behind the camera Simon has directed music videos for musician Stephen Byrd and has experience in editing, sound editing. lighting and camera.


His eye for detail on set to suggest ideas in the moment for performances, shots and continuity has proved invaluable and that same eye is of great help when script editing. He also has the knack of finding a good script and is always on the look out for the next best thing.