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The film, simply entitled, 'Michael', is the biopic of professional North London boxer Michael Watson who was knocked out and put into a coma by Chris Eubank in 1991.

'Michael' is the incredible human story of Michael's fight back from the brink of death and Chris Eubank's turmoil in coming to terms with what happened on that fateful night at White Hart Lane. The film also highlights the changes that came about with regard to ringside medical care as a result of Michael's injuries, his court battle with the British Board of Boxing Control and culminating in his triumph over adversity and ultimately running the London Marathon.  There is a wonder scene where none other than Muhammad Ali comes to Michael's bedside as he recovers, which is nothing short of iconic.

Thanks to the outcome of Michael's court victory the rules were changed for the better, probably saving many fighters from terrible injuries or worst.

To view the confidential treatment for Michael on the following page please email Magnificent Films for a password. You will be required to sign an NDA before a password is sent.

Casting for 'Michael' is in the advance stages now having cast the major roles. Louis Cordice has landed the pivotal title role of Michael Watson. Louis had his break playing Blaise Zabini in  'Harry Potter'. After a meeting with him, Michael Watson said, "It was like meeting myself twenty five years ago". The other major role goes to Nathanael Wilson,  the light welterweight boxing son of boxer Chris Eubank, he shall be playing the role of his father Chris in 'Michael'. Only recently did he meet up with his father for the first time to heal a family rift. Upon hearing about his son playing him in 'Michael' Chris was happy to give it his blessing. Not only does Nathanael have his father's fighting talent but his resemblance to Chris is uncanny.

Other cast members attached are, Jared Harris as neurosurgeon, Peter Hamlyn, Bruce Payne as Frank Warren, Nick Moran as Barry Hearn, Wil Johnson as Lennard Ballack, Sebastian Street as Michael Toohig and Rudolph Walker as Uncle Joe.

Other characters awaiting casting confirmation include Nigel Benn, Don King, Gerald McClellan and of course, the iconic, the legendary, the Greatest...Muhammad Ali. An exciting few weeks to come as we gear up to shooting the first scenes.

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