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There are a few places left on our Drama & Showreel Course this 23rd to 26th of March 2017.

We will also be on the look-out for outstanding fresh talent for our busy slate of films in 2017.

Each student will leave with a unique Showreel piece shot on RED and ZEISS MASTER PRIMES.

The course will employ the following disciplines:

1. Acting for camera and camera awareness.
2. Character development.
3. Continuity in movement.
4. The use and execution of the 'dramatic pause'.
5. Method acting and dialogue delivery.
6. Audition techniques.

The weekend will take the form of a group workshop and filming of scenes provided.

The material shot will be made available for student's showreels. You will be required to bring a minimum 16gig memory stick and a padded SAE for your showreel material on the final day.

The course will run from 09:30am until 2:30pm on the 23rd to 26th of MARCH 2017.

The course fee is £250.00 + VAT. To register please email us via our contact page. A deposit if £150.00 (50%) is payable on registration to guarantee your place. The remaining 50% is payable on the first day of the course.

We look forward to working with you!

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